Our Team


“All our dreams can come true,
if we have the courage to pursue them”
Walt Disney


Our disability team is made up of unique, multicultural individuals who work proudly from a framework of inclusive practice. Every member of our team works to improve the quality of people’s lives by building authentic, genuine and professional relationships.


Our team is dedicated to raising community awareness of what it means to be vulnerable or to have a disability. Each member of our team shares their learnings and experience to benefit our clients, their family carers, the community and our team so that everyone can participate fully in the community life.


At DASH, we are dedicated to skills development and capacity building. We support our team to increase their mental health literacy and improve their professional practise. We work from evidence-based best-practice models for skills development across mental health and disability sectors.


Mariana Torres

Director & Senior Support Worker

Master of Social Work, Post Grad Dip. Intl. Comm. Dev.
and (Hons). Tourism.
Founder of DASH.
Has +20 years experience in Community Development and Social Work and +15 years in Disability and Mental Health. Mariana has worked with individuals experiencing schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, anxiety, stress, depression, substance-related and obsessive-compulsive disorders; Intellectual Disability, autism spectrum disorders, acquired brain injury, vision and neurological disabilities.
Mariana's passion is to travel and learn from others' cultures and different perspectives.
Languages: Spanish, French and English
Fav. quote: ‘Per aspera ad astra’ Through hardship to the stars.

Harjinder Kaur


MBA and Cert. III in Individual Support
Experienced in Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual Disability, Mental Health and Developmental delay. Harjinder is an ambitious woman, who brings her ample knowledge in business administration and team leadership. Harjinder always works under a can-do attitude and loves challenges. Goal oriented, Harjinder is always looking for opportunities to do better and achieve greatness.
Languages: Hindi, Punjabi and English
Fav. quote: 'The Purpose of our Lives is to Be Happy'

Amy Maher

Team Leader & Support Worker

As a former business/franchise owner in Queensland, Amy brings high energy, outstanding business-management, and team leadership skills. Amy has a natural ability to make people feel comfortable and goes above and beyond. Amy has experience in Mental Health and children with disabilities, and brings great dedication, creativity, and excellent empathy and communication (strong conversational and interpersonal) skills to our clients. Amy comes to Dash with a commitment to help our support workers develop and reach their full potential within a healthy and safe working environment. She brings caring, passionate and dedication to our team. Language: English. Amy’s favourite quote:
“Seek respect, not attention, it lasts longer “ Ziad K. Abdelnour

Cristin De la Vega


B.A (Tourism) & currently studying Bachelor of Nursing.
With experience in Team Leadership and Management, Cristin brings high energy, honesty, integrity, and humility to our team. Cristin is passionate about learning new things and cultures. She believes that by developing understanding of other cultures, that is, being ‘culturally aware’, lets people have more meaningful interactions with those around us. Cristin builds respect and empathy for other people, and celebrates their differences as well as their similarities. Languages: English and Tagalog. Cristin’s favourite quote: “Believe you can, and you are halfway there “

Macarena Penafiel

Support Worker & Learning Enhancement Coach

B. Psychology (Cl) and Cert. IV in Aged Care
Has +6 years, including international, experience as a Counsellor Psychologist and Disability Support Worker. Reliable and with a positive attitude, Macarena helps participants with their development and training to increase their skills so they can participate in community, social and recreational activities. Macarena main focus is on children. She loves music and people, and provides support with care and optimism.
Languages: Spanish and English

Maria Dolors Padros

Personal Care Worker

Cert IV Disability and Cert III Early Ch.Educ. & Care
Experience in Mental Health, MS and Autism, Maria is passionate in supporting people reaching their personal goals. Family orientated, loves pets, the beach, movies and shops.
Languages: Catalan, Spanish, French and English
Favourite quote: 'Life is a succession of lessons which one must be live in order to learn'

Nada Hussein

Support Worker

Dip. in Childhood Ed. & Beauty Course

Nada has experience working with people with permanent injuries, illnesses as well as physical and mental disability. Nada brings her passion to work as a beauty therapist. She uses her practical skills and puts her clients at ease and help them feel like their best selves. Nada is a passionate and very hard worker, who will go the extra mile to assist her clients. She loves shopping, dancing, listening to music and is pet friendly.
Languages: Arabic and English.

Sapphira Moraitis

Support Worker

Certificate II & III in Community Services
Sapphira’s passion is helping others feel and be the best versions of themselves. Throughout her high school years, she volunteered in a range of different fields such as aged care, salvation army and more. She has experience in Autism, BoC, residential care and case management roles. Sapphira loves dancing, singing playing instruments such as piano and ukulele. She loves the outdoors and anything nature driven.
Language spoken: English.
Fav. quote: “Focus on what you want but never forget to be grateful for what you already have.”

Keeda Mayes

Support Worker

Dip. of Community Services.
Experienced in working with disability and mental health. Keeda loves going for walks in nature, loves to do yoga and meditation, and likes activities with her friends.
Languages: English.
Fav quote: “what you think you become, what you feel you attract and what you imagine you create” - Buddha

Hannah Harrison

Support Worker

BA. Youth Work. Currently working towards a Masters of Teaching (Primary)
With lived experience, Hannah has worked with clients with complex trauma and autism spectrum disorder. Hannah has ample teaching experience in primary schools. Open minded and non judgemental, Hannah strives herself in her friendly and empathetic approach to supporting others. Hannah is organised, adaptable and reliable in her work. She loves working with all abilities and ages. With Hannah you can expect kindness and quirks brought in her role. She love animals (especially cats), sunflowers and cartoons. Languages: English.
Favourite reference: ``You’ve got a friend in me``. -Scene from the movie Toy Story

Ciara Slevin

Support Worker

Dip. of Community Services
With experience in psychosocial disabilities, Ciara has worked with clients with complex trauma, PTSD, schizoaffective disorder, depresion, anxiety and people with substance abuse disorders. Open minded and with an easy-going approach, Ciara comes to Dash with great communication skills, making sure participants feel comfortable around her. Ciara has great initiative, anticipates difficulties, and is calm in emergencies. Language: English

Betzabe Sobarzo

Cleaner & Support Worker

B. and M. in Teaching English as a foreign language
With more than three years of experience working in the disability field in Australia, Bet has experience working with people with Down Syndrome and people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Bet brings her vocation of using language and communication skills to support her clients. She is passionate about languages and musical instruments.
Languages: Spanish, Italian and English.
Fav. quote: 'Give light and people will find the way' (Ella Baker)

Jose Luis Chumacero


Cert. Senior Secondary
Jose is a skilled handyman with +20 year of experience at a wide range of repairs and trades, including gardening. He used to be a taxi driver, so he is a great listener, is patient and has great people skills. He likes dancing, singing and plays the guitar.
Languages: Spanish and English
Fav. quote: 'God Willing.

Krysten McIntosh

Support Worker

Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Criminology.
Krysten is an empathetic and compassionate person, who loves to read, learn new things, and go for walks. Her main experience is in mental health. Krysten always wanted to move into the helping professions, because caring for people seems like the ideal job for her.
Languages: English
Fav. quote: ``As long as we’re living and breathing, there’s more we can do. We just have to be strong enough.” – James Holden, The Expanse

Linda Weatherly

Support Worker

Cert. IV in Education Support
Having worked for various organisations, Linda brings outstanding interpersonal and people skills. Linda has experience in mental health, and currently works with clients experiencing schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Linda is an enthusiastic worker, is family oriented, loving, and caring. She is a good team player, great conversationalist and doesn't hesitate to go above and beyond when supporting participants.
Language: English.

Jatinder Singh Gossal

Support Worker

Certificate III in fitness & Dip. in Hospitality.
Jatinder is a confident, hard-working and success-driven individual with ample range of skills. Jatinder loves to communicate with people and cherishes their everyday with professional level of service and care. Jatinder is a family oriented person, highly ambitious and comes with a great commitment towards working with vulnerable clients. Always looking forward to new opportunities to expand his knowledge and skills to serve people in a better way.

Milly Alexander

Support Worker

Currently studying a Bachelor of Health Science and majoring in family, society, and health, and nutrition.
Milly has experience in mental health and working with adolescents with autism. Milly is resilient, enthusiastic, caring, and independent. She is ambitious and this year, she will be studying her Bachelor of Social Work. Milly loves going for walks, going to the gym, spending time with her family and friends, and going on holidays.
Language: English.
Favourite quote - ‘Time heals everything’.

Genevieve Toby

Support Worker

B. Education and B. Teaching.
An experienced primary and art teacher with further experience in care giving, visual arts and libraries. Genevieve enjoys working with others to help them be empowered, to have freedom and independence. She is a kind and honest person who is observant and adaptable. Genevieve knows the importance of setting personal goals and finding ways to achieve them.
Language: English.
Favourite quote: 'Happiness is not a place to arrive at - it is a manner of travelling'.

Christina Mattea

Support Worker

Cert. IV in Ed. Support & Cert. IV in Disability
Christina is motivated and keen to assist people with a disability. Christina has experience assisting with all aspects of personal care, household duties, emotional support, and social outings. She has an excellent understanding and appreciation for the challenges people with disabilities face on a daily basis. Christina is a strong advocate in people with disabilities having their own autonomy, making their own choices, and feeling in control of their own lives.
Language: English.

Venice Canatan

Personal Care Worker

Master of Social Work, B. Med. Lab Science, and B. Biology
Venice has experience working with people with mental health issues, providing social work interventions. Venice describes herself as patient, family oriented, and religious. She is a pet-lover, dancer and currently, she is learning martial arts to protect one's self and others in danger.
Languages: Tagalog, Cebuano, English
Fav. quote: 'When times get tough, we don't give up. We get up'

Justin Penny

Cleaner and Gardening Support Worker

Senior Secondary Box Hill TAFE - Trade Skill Studies
With lived experience and 2+ years of experience in handy work, cleaning and gardening, Justin brings joy to his work. Justin likes to be active and enjoys playing golf and basketball, often with his mates. He has a passion to help and make a positive difference to other's lives.
Language: English
Fav Quote: 'A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.'

Hilda Garza

Administrative assistant & Accounts

Cert. III in Individual Support and Mental Health lived experience
Experience in Bipolar, Depression, Anxiety, BPD and long-term chronic conditions. Family oriented, provides personal care with kindness. She enjoys working with people and likes learning something new everyday. Animal lover.
Languages: Spanish and English
Fav. quote: 'Love and do as you will' (St Augustin)

Lupita De la Orta

Board of Advice Member

Has +10 years of experience working with vulnerable children and their communities. Kind and with a mature and open approach, Lupita loves music and people. She supports participants with arts.
Languages: Spanish and English.
Fav. quote: 'It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop’. (Confucius)

Andres Torres

Board of Advice Member & Accounts

Andres manages financial documentation and supports staff members as required, which may include processing documentation related to invoicing, financial reporting, operating budgets, quotations and inventory adjustments.
Languages: Spanish and English

Sebastian Varela

Administrative Assistant

Sebastian provides administrative support to management, employees and in some cases, clients and visitors.
Languages: Spanish & English.

``The K Project``

Kreative professionals

¡Hola from Campeche, Mexico! 'Kreative with a 'K' because they like to do things differently. In charge of developing creative content, enriching the internal and external communication of DASH. Proud to work with Dash, and share with participants a beautiful journey, where everyone can reach their star!'

To better support people with disabilities and for peace of mind to our clients, all our staff have:


Taken the NDIS online worker orientation modules: ‘Quality, Safety and You” and “Supporting Effective Communication”, and have received an industry recognised Certificate of Completion.

Completed the following:

  • Police check (National and International, if applicable)
  • Working with Children check,
  • NDIS Worker Screening Check,
  • Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) – Disability Australia Training: Hazards and Risks for Home care Workers in Aged Care and Disability
  • Privacy in Practise Training and
  • Infection Control Training – COVID-19


Our work is governed by robust policy and procedures, and Victorian State Government Disability Legislation and Standards.



If you are an enthusiastic professional who understands the importance of trust, excellence in service provision and has capacity to develop meaningful relationships with clients, we encourage you to inquire about joining our team. We are always interested in hearing from: Personal Care Workers, Support Workers and Cleaners.

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