Respite & Travel

Author Tania Ruelas

There is a Germanic word that is also used in the English language to describe a strong desire to wander and travel: ‘wanderlust’. This concept was mostly associated with frequent travelers and those who enjoy going on adventures. However, due to the lockdowns that we all have been through in the past couple of years, the whole idea of embracing the ‘wanderlust’ state of mind has become more and more popular – and it makes total sense!

After being forced to remain confined in one place for a not-so-short period of time, a lot of people have experienced anxiety, stress and overall mental and emotional exhaustion. We believe it is safe to say that, at one point during this pandemic, people from all over the world were aching to go out of their homes (or wherever they were). And just like that, we are learning that the strong desire to wander is not only about going to new places and having new adventures: traveling is also an act of self-care.

When we treat ourselves with a trip, even if it is a short one, we are fostering a healthy mindset. It takes courage and determination to step out of our comfort zone, to wander into the unknown, and to dare to do things differently from our daily routines. That being said, we at Dash know that it is not always easy to follow our ‘wanderlust’ spirit, regardless of how much we want to get away, and sometimes we might need someone who helps us get there. That is what our respite and travel service is for!

Dash can provide an escape and take you to discover picturesque views, long and short walks, a weekend away, or simply find a place to sit and have companionship and a good conversation. Not having to worry about your plans for the day or the meals you are going to have can be liberating, and feeling free from the responsibilities you have on a daily basis has a healing power.

We understand that going away opens up our minds to new experiencies, views, flavors… and more importantly, keeps away negative thoughts that would otherwise consume a lot of energy and emotions from us. To travel is to care for oneself, and we at Dash want to take care of you.

In the first book of The Lord of The Rings, J. R. R. Tolkien wrote: “Not all those who wander are lost”. We could not agree more: wandering into the unknown is not about finding a place, but about becoming a stronger, braver version of ourselves.


By: Tania Ruelas

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