But first, my name

Autor Tania Ruelas

En 1987, la Academia Española de Cine y Artes instituyó los Premios Goya, y hasta la fecha son los premios cinematográficos más importantes de España, considerados por muchos como el equivalente español de los Oscar. Pero no fue hasta 32 años después, en 2019, que un actor con discapacidad ganó por primera vez el premio a Mejor Revelación Masculina: Jesús Vidal. Ahora, ¿se dio cuenta de que antes de su identidad, mencioné su condición? Profundicemos en eso…

Language is very important when it comes to breaking down the stereotypes that surround people with disabilities and mental disorders. It is very common to refer to a person as ‘disabled’, ‘handicapped’, ‘impaired’, ‘challenged’, ‘insane’, ‘schizophrenic’, ‘depressed’, and many other adjectives that associate their whole image directly to their condition. But a person is so much more than that!

When receiving his award for Best Male Revelation, Jesus Vidal approached the members of the Academy with these words: “Three things come to my mind: inclusion, diversity and visibility”. His moving speech was even more touching than his brilliant performance, and with just as strong message: people with disabilities and/or mental disorders should not be overlooked. Being inclusive requires embracing diversity, but first, recognising every person for who they are – the human dignity comes before whatever condition they live with.

We all have different talents, something to contribute to our society; and we need to stop focusing on the things that makes us different while perceiving them as limitations. As a matter of fact, we should take advantage of those differences, as the diversity enriches any social environment and it challenges us to be creative enough to explode everyone’s strengths for the greater good of the community. This is called inclusion, and it is what we -at Dash- aim for.

En 2019, ‘Somos campeones’ ganó el Premio Goya a la Mejor Película. Jesús Vidal, Roberto Chinchilla, Gloria Ramos, Jesús Lago, Alberto Nieto, Sergio Olmo, Fran Fuentes, Stefan López, Julio Fernández y José de Luna son los 10 actores que protagonizaron la emotiva película que encarna al equipo de baloncesto ‘Amigos’. ¡Todos ellos son artistas talentosos, espontáneamente frescos y extremadamente divertidos! Además, todos viven con una o más discapacidades… pero primero, ¡centrémonos en sus nombres!


Por: Tania M. Ruelas Bernés | Campeche, México.

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