Beyond the mustaches

November is here, and that means the month-long mustache journey has begun!


The ‘Movember’ movement was born in 2003 as a collective effort to encourage conversations about men’s critical health issues. It all started when a group of friends in Melbourne, Australia, decided to grow mustaches to raise awareness about prostate cancer and depression in men. Since then, it has grown into a global initiative, encouraging men (and women) to embrace the mustache as a symbol of solidarity and a conversation starter.


Movember, however, is more than just a quirky excuse to grow facial hair – it’s about creating an open and supportive space for the men in our lives, while breaking down stigmas that still persist 20 years after this movement started. The truth is, men still find it difficult to discuss their health concerns or to even be open about their overall wellness. And that is precisely why we, at Dash Access and Inclusion, love to get involved with this movement.


Aligned with Movember, our focus is on accessible health services, ensuring inclusivity, especially for men with disabilities. Now, more than ever, we advocate for a healthcare system that caters to diverse needs and is accessible to all individuals. 


We thrive to create awareness that goes beyond a mustache (and that will certainly last more than just a month). We believe in building a community that is there for each other, and Movember is our opportunity to start making it happen. By sparking conversations about health, we can break down those barriers and let our men know that it’s perfectly okay to open up. Together, we can turn Movember into a life-long-pursuit of meaningful connections, understanding, and support.


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